Here are some of my favorite resources for learning EDM production.

// Mattias Halmgren

Mattias's YouTube channel is fantastic for learning production, especially in BitWig Studio. He covers sound design, composition, arrangement and so much more!


After listening to numerous sub-genres of EDM for nearly 20 years, I finally decided to have a go at producing. I’ve been around music production since university and quickly picked up creating a basic loop. It's kinda' like jamming out with friends :)

Expanding that into a song has been another story!

Still, I’ve found that finding inspiration on what instruments to use in each section of a song has been a struggle.

I decided to tackle this unfamiliar problem using methods familiar to me. I’m a software engineer by profession so I created the 8 Bar Monster. Given the instruments in a track, it will randomly select from a predefined set of typical song structures and randomly suggest which instruments to use in each section.

The results aren’t always great, but a few rolls of the dice and it usually turns up something inspirational. And that’s all I need to frame out the arrangement and keep moving forward on the track :)

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